Developer Features

Simple API

Intuitive API layer that abstracts different signature providers with a single unified integration


Support specific signature providers through a modular plugin architecture

State Management

UI agnostic wallet state management with event subscription

Small footprint

Core is only 9Kb minified and 2.7Kb gzipped


Leverage optional static typing, classes and interfaces supported in all major IDEs


Future proof

Transit API
The glue between the ever-growing number of dApps and wallets, enabling them to communicate easily and consistently.

dApp providers
Support additional wallets in minutes, with only a few lines of code. Your frontend code only talks to Transit API, abstracting away all the headaches of integrating and maintaining different wallets.

Wallet providers
A Transit plugin (for your wallet) will enable your users to access the growing list of dApps using the Transit API, without additional work on either party. As a dApp explorer, you now have access to a much wider number of dApps to choose from.


Wallets and signature providers

Instantly support any of these wallets or create a new plugin


Native Ledger hardware wallet integration supporting multiple accounts/keys.

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Popular desktop software that also allows exchange of tokens with ease..

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Popular mobile wallet and dApp explorer targetting everyday consumers

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Token Pocket is a leading mobile wallet and dApp explorer in China

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MEET.ONE is a popular wallet and dApp explorer - "The Portal to EOS Ecology"

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